Family & Around The Farm Pictures

Lisa is Checking out The Duck Pond , Carl made !! 

This is one of our Roosters Hank, who is pretty famous as he has made the bucheits circular ad papers atleast 7 or 8 times over last two years since we've had him ! Along with my grand daughter Hailey with one of our hens 


now this is a chicken train !! this was before some hungry coyotes decided to eat half my flock so now they stay in enclosed pen and coop at night ! Also before i got my golf cart to get around !! 


next year flock time to retire some hens after this year, my favorite are brahmas so i got 35 chicks this March 2017 

April with Gabby & Lisa ( March 2016) 

Rhonda Helping Matt Load Wood

Chickens heard me coming so they gather at fence they do this everytime they see or hear me !!Then they are at my feet in door way 

My Billy Gabby

Teddy  & Malcolm Has Gone To Their New loving Home With Kelly , Bonnie & Lauren , He's Got Lots Of New Barn Buddies To !! 

Crockett Has Gone To His New Family Mr & Mrs. Thomas Kania & His Half Sister Priscilla

Liberty Belle Gone to her New Loving Home With Liz Will

Diablo & Budweiser Join Their Half Sister  Eve and their new loving home with Pierre & Marlene Schimper

Levina Loves the Baby Ducks