Our Breeding Does & Billy

All Our Breeding Nigerians Are Registered With ADGA & AGS ! All breeding Does So For has Came From Michelle Hook "Playin Hookie Herds " 

Our Sire Gabby Who was a Bottle Baby / Beautiful Boy With Blue Eyes 

That's Him on my shoulder  And Lisa At my knee ( Also Bottle Baby Last March ) In First Picture 

and Thank goodness he has gotten tired of climbing on my shoulder but he is a big cuddle bug

My Younger Nigerian Billy For Next Breeding season "Elvis"


Meet Our Oldest Dam Elsa born 2007, Elsa was blessed with doe born mar 17 th 2017 chocolate black blend will update later with her picture 

gotten from Playin Hookie Michelle Hook herd

She and Her Daughter Gerdie born 2011 are kind of The Bosses In The Goat Yard !!

That is Gerdie with her babies this year Feb 2017 ( Triplets ) 2 Does (dark Chamoise & Billy brown/white )  born 2017  !! 

Then We Got Jazzy born in 2015 she had twin billys this year mar 2017

Jazzy Two boys 

Polly Anna born 4/17/2014

Lisa born 2016 Who Had Triplets This Year ( 2 Does & Billy ) all blue eyed Lisa & Gabby are blue eyed

gold & white, black & White Are Does & Solid Gold With White Crown Is A billy they will be available middle May born March 13 20

Our Newest for future Breeding Doe Snickers ( Bottle Baby ) , I traded one of Gerdie triplets doe for her to Michelle Hook ! She is bottle baby spent time in the house where she became best of buddies with my dog Pepper who are about same size 

being snuggle by our granddaughter Liberty 

Then we've Got a Whether BJ who is another cuddle bug , he also very protective of the ladies and baby sits along with the cats the little ones !! 

Two Fainting Goats twin Sisters Dolly & Molly who i got for Christmas 2016 looking for Billy for service for them, they aren't registered 

My Fainting Billy " Bandit " 

I couldn't resist buying this little cuddle bug Kinder Doe ( Bottle Baby ) Sierra

Our Lamanche Doe "Wendy " will be breeding her with the nigerians for mini lamanches next season

Abby Born Feb 2018 out of Molly & Bandit , Kept Her ! Both Molly & Dolly had twins 2018 boy and girl from each . sold the other 3